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Concrete Marine Solutions

Concrete Marine Solutions Limited. Is an Inverness based engineering consultancy specialising in innovative solutions for marine engineering projects.   How we control climate change and global warming by reducing carbon emissions is the major challenge for the 21st century.   Renewable power from wind, wave and tidal energy is an important component in the worldwide drive to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.   Although technically feasible, costs must be substantially reduced.   CMS have designed and patented game changing technology which will substantially reduce the cost of installing offshore wind turbines.

DTI-50 is specifically designed to -

Minimise land and infrastructure required at dedicated assembly yards / ports.

Spread the workload to include secondary ports by introducing modular design.

Build, deliver and install complete units, tested and commissioned at quayside.

Accommodate self installing foundations and minimise seabed preparation.

Eliminate heavy lifting on site, minimising risk and reduce weather dependency.

Build in solutions for scour prevention, placing ballast, access and inter-array cable installation.

Have foundations adapt to support accommodation modules and sub-stations.

Simplify major repairs, upgrading turbines and decommissioning.

Minimise the supply chain, reduce the environmental impact and introduce much safer working practices.